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Daisy and Skip Grossnickle, along with their friend Dr. Tom LaFontaine, PhD, Clinical Exercise Physiologist and health consultant, saw a need for a new kind of health facility in Columbia, Missouri, so on April 2, 2007, they founded the Optimus: The Center for Health.

At Optimus, our central mission is to provide research-based lifestyle interventions and guidance designed to reduce the risk for chronic disease. We strive to provide a positive, safe, and comfortable environment to help you achieve all your personal health and wellness goals. At Optimus, continued success as an organization stems from our team of recognized, respected, and experienced staff, all of whom have outstanding credentials and supplement their work experience with extensive formal training. In addition to our unsurpassed staff, Optimus utilizes state of the art fitness equipment for total body conditioning and creates structured regimens individually tailored to each client in order to best serve his or her health and fitness goals.

At Optimus, we believe that health education and training based on the latest scientific research is the key to long-lasting weight loss and overall health and fitness. Our health professionals are certified at the highest levels in their field and are equipped to provide individually tailored, high-quality services to meet your needs. We are committed to the ongoing continuation of our own education in the field of health and wellness by remaining at the cutting edge of scientific research and by imparting that knowledge to our members and clients. Our satisfied members know that we stress a balanced lifestyle that includes exercise, nutrition, and stress management. The classes and services we offer are designed to help you achieve and maintain the positive, healthy lifestyle you need in order to live your best life.

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01aug5:15 pm6:00 pmOptimus Strength & Conditioning

02aug11:00 am11:45 amDance

02aug5:15 pm6:00 pmOptimus Mobility

02aug6:00 pm7:30 pmFunctional Movement Through Yoga

03aug6:00 am7:00 amOptimus Endurance

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