OWOWs at Optimus

Since 2012, dozens of women have experienced the life-saving benefits of heavy resistance training at Optimus, including:

– increased strength, functional capacity, and muscle endurance
– lower risk for diabetes/high blood pressure/heart disease 
– improved cognitive function
– improved self-image and mood
– improved bone mineral density

Come and join the workout that can help you live your healthiest and happiest life today!

What is OWOW?

Older Women on Weights (OWOW) at Optimus is a group of women who are members of Optimus and who engage in heavy resistance training.  As a team, many of the OWOW women also compete in the sports of powerlifting and weightlifting. Several of the women have set National, American, and World records in their respective weight and age categories.

Read more about the OWOW Story and accomplishments here!


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