Melt Your Double Chin Without Surgery

Submental fullness, or double chin, is a very common feature that can be caused by genetics, weight gain, aging and hormonal imbalance or decline. Both men and women can accumulate excess fat under their chin, but the question is: can you do something about it? Is it possible to get rid of your double chin?

Often, diet and exercise has little effect on the double chin, and it can make you look older or heavier than you are. Worry not, there is a solution – and its name is KYBELLAⓇ. KYBELLAⓇ is the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment of submental fullness. Injected underneath your chin, it works by destroying the fat cells that have accumulated there. Once these cells are destroyed, the body can no longer store or accumulate fat in these cells, giving a lasting aesthetic result.

How does KYBELLAⓇ work?

The active ingredient in KYBELLAⓇ is synthetic deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is naturally found in the body, where it is responsible for breaking down and absorbing fats from our diet. These fats are then processed through the body’s natural metabolism. As KYBELLAⓇ is injected beneath the chin, the deoxycholic acid destroys the fat cells found in the submental fullness. Both the deoxycholic acid and the fats are processed by the body’s natural metabolism, providing a safe way to melt that double chin. The procedure is usually administered repeatedly, up to 6 times with every treatment at least 1 month apart. Once you have achieved the desired aesthetic response you will not need any further treatment. Clinical studies show a 79% satisfaction rate of KYBELLAⓇ treatment.

The procedure itself takes about 15-20 minutes and consists of a series of injections into the fat under your chin at each session. Before the treatment, we will provide you with ice packs, a numbing cream or an injectable local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Most patients need some downtime after the first treatment session. You should be able to continue your normal activities, but are likely to experience some swelling that you should consider when making social and work engagements on the day of treatment.

When deciding on whether KYBELLAⓇ is for you, consider if you are bothered by your double chin. Does it make you unhappy and self-conscious? Does it make you look older or heavier? Do you not want to have surgery? Do you eat well and exercise but cannot get rid of the double chin? Consider also the possible serious side-effects of KYBELLAⓇ: these include jaw nerve injury which can cause an uneven smile or facial muscle weakness (experienced by 4 out of 100 people in clinical studies), and trouble swallowing (experienced by 2 out of 100 people in clinical studies). The most common temporary side effects are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness and areas of hardness.

It is important to speak to a trained and experienced specialist before deciding to take the KybellaⓇ Chin Treatment. Our medical aesthetic specialists will help you determine if KYBELLAⓇ is for you and how many treatment sessions you may need based on the amount and position of your submental fullness. Naturally, your individual goals and needs will be prioritised.