Massage Therapy

Benefits of massage include:

  • Relieve Stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Sleep Better
  • Manage Pain
  • Enhance Exercise Performance

Clinical Massage/Deep Tissue

Clinical massage is a soft-tissue approach to rehabilitation. Adhesions, which are very similar to scabs and scar tissue, develop within our muscles and our fascia. (Fascia is like a thin layer of plastic wrap that has been shrink-wrapped to your muscles.) These adhesions cause muscles to get “stuck” in positions that are difficult to get out of (also referred to as “trigger points”). The massage therapist then seeks to alleviate these trigger points using varying amounts of pressure and different types of stretching. Trigger points aren’t career-specific! Let us help you address your individual needs today. Typically done unclothed, under a sheet as a full covering.

Sports Massage

There are two types of sports massage: the first is a pre- or post-event massage, which is recommended 30-60 minutes either before or after a particular athletic event. Rehabilitative Massage, or Clinical Massage, is given on days when an individual does not have an athletic event. This type of massage is perfect for athletes to help improve their athletic performance. Typically done clothed or in exercise wear.

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