Millions of men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and concerns over their sexual performance and wellbeing. It can cause you unnecessary anxiety, discomfort and even pain in your daily life, but is a problem that has solutions.

There are many causes of ED, including aging, mental health issues, lack of sleep and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease as well as a side-effect of your medical prescriptions. As we get older, blood vessels in the penis naturally weaken and fill with micro-plaque, a “clogging” of vessels that makes erection more difficult by decreasing the blood flow and the sensitivity of the penis.

There are various options available for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or seeking to improve their sex life and sexual performance with stronger, longer-lasting erections. Today, the newest technologies have found natural alternatives to the Viagra pill that became so popular in the mid-90s. Although revolutionizing at the time, these male enhancement pills are today considered an unsafe method which often causes very unpleasant and even dangerous side effects including back pain, heart problems, indigestion and headaches. They also cannot be administered to men with low blood pressure. You deserve to feel empowered and enabled by your male enhancement treatment. You deserve a natural therapeutic method that works, and that is exactly what we offer you at Optimus Health Clinic.

At Optimus Health Clinic, we offer the newest alternatives to viagra: the GAINSWaveⓇ treatment and the P-ShotⓇ. Both these therapies are safe, natural solutions to your erectile issues. Consult with our male health specialists to find out which treatment is best suited for you – your initial consultation is on the house.