Personal Health & Fitness Mentoring

Personal Health & Fitness Mentoring

Strength training builds muscle mass. Building and maintaining muscle mass requires energy, and energy, of course, comes from calories. More muscle in the body means more calories burned, both at rest and while working out. Building more muscle generally makes a body look and feel more fit and healthy, while burning its fuel more efficiently. We seek to instruct our clients on the best ways to improve their strength by constructing a routine tailored individually to each client. Our guidance and advice are based on the most up-to-date scientific research available to help each individual effectively and successfully achieve his or her fitness goals.

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01aug5:15 pm6:00 pmOptimus Strength & Conditioning

02aug11:00 am11:45 amDance

02aug5:15 pm6:00 pmOptimus Mobility

02aug6:00 pm7:30 pmFunctional Movement Through Yoga

03aug6:00 am7:00 amOptimus Endurance

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