Piet Van Waarde

Columbia, MO
Woodcrest Chapel
A friend recommended Optimus and I really liked the atmosphere. It was smaller and more intimate, but I still had great equipment. However, what i enjoyed most were the people . They took an interest—not only in my fitness goals—but in me as a person. They create a real family feel there, and I never really thought I d ever say this, but I actually (kinda) look forward to going to the gym these days.

Michael Perry, MD

Columbia, MO
Medical Doctor
The facility is more like a spa than a gym, and the trainers make exercise almost like fun. I can’t imagine a better way to get into shape or rehab.

Howard Hinkel

Columbia, MO
Retired Professor
I overheard an Optimus client say the following, which epitimizes for me the philosophy of the place and the attitude conveyed by the terrific staff; when asked if she was training for anything special, she said ,”Yes, I’m training for life, I want to keep going.” Training for life is what Optimus is about, as I see it.

Karen Slates

Columbia MO
I look forward to my time spent at Optimus. The facility is clean, pleasant and peaceful with a convenient location and parking. The staff is helpful, enthusiastic and approachable.

Lynn Miller

Columbia, MO
Optimus is the best equipped, cleanest, and most professionally managed health and fitness facility I have ever experienced. I have and will continue to recommend Optimus to everyone interested in having the very best resource for optimal health.

Jeanette Nowlin

Columbia, MO
I want to thank the people at Optimus for their prevent program. I have learned so much from my mentor. She has been a great inspiration and teacher. She has encouraged and taught me more about myself than I knew. I have learned so much about what it takes to actually start living a healthy life. The times I used to toss and turn before I fell asleep are gone. The times I would get upset or angry have dissipated because I have learned to relax. I am now focused on what I can eat and not feel guilty about having something I shouldn’t. My brain has been transformed to actually want to exercise, eat healthy, and enjoy it. I have lost inches and pounds I never thought possible, and am healthier than I have ever been.

Louise Miller

Professor of Nursing
Optimus gives us the customized services and programs we each need. Individualized goal setting with prescribed (and doable) workouts are designed (and adjusted)to meet our goals. And, we are able to get results. I have made new and better progress than in other ‘well advertised’ programs and get the sense of satisfaction with the Optimus program and staff the “yes, I can do this!” The whole concept is very motivating and brings results.

Judy Cunningham

Columbia, MO
I appreciate the clean, quiet facility and the professionals who run Optimus. The director’s knowledge and research sharing is helpful and very impressive.

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